A reference library of information, tutorials, projects, samples, hints, helps, tips and tricks – everything beady!


Here at BeadMat we are creating a reference library for off-loom bead weaving!

Starting with the basics of each bead weaving stitch, and variations, projects, and samples.

Published hard bound books on weaving beads are a great resource and I have many old favorites which I love to page through.  New favorites join the collection all the time.

But they are awkward to weave with, they don’t fit on a beading mat!  By which I mean the area bead weavers work in.  And without a touchpad the diagrams and pictures can’t be enlarged to see all the details, so weavers collect digital files off all types to use as reference.

Here at BeadMat we are organizing, updating, and displaying decades of information for the beading community to utilize.

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